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Wharfedale JADE 5 Hi-fi zvočnik

Koda artikla: JADE 5
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Wharfedale Jade 5 Tower Loudspeaker

Reproduces Musical Architecture and Nuanced Detail With Rare Poise and All the Power You Need

Clarity, Purity, and High- and Low-Frequency Extension: You Need to Audition the Jade 5

Purity, power, clarity, and control: An enviable combination possessed by only the very finest floorstanding speakers. Extremely few designs feature such a complementary array to the extent where a component maintains poise while adding no signature, timbre, or distortion to the source material. Wharfedale's Jade towers are built upon such principles. We're talking sheer transparency, utter neutrality, and perfect voicing. Sonic holography that brings you to the recording studio or concert stage. Instruments and vocals placed in their own distinct spaces. Musical foundations and textural architecture that set up before your eyes with utmost accuracy and dimensionality. All without interference, artificiality, or imbalance. Uncompromising speakers for uncompromising listeners, every model in the Jade Series features extraordinary audiophile-level performance and smart looks.

Tremendous Performance at High and Low Frequencies

Outfitted with two 6.5-inch Acufibre bass cones, Jade 5 boasts exceptional high-frequency capabilities, limits-testing power, and reference-caliber extension. It effortlessly reproduces finite nuances, microharmonics, transients, and intricacies. Yet Jade 5 also plumbs the lower frequencies with authority, focus, and grace. Its clarity immerses you within the confines of the recording. Whether playing back vocal jazz, electronic music, large-scale symphonies, or classic rock, you get realism, immediacy, tonality, deep-down speed, cohesiveness, and naturalism as well as taut bass, riveting detail, and immense involvement. And you get it for a price that's exponentially less than what is normally charged for a speaker of such magnitude.

Computer-Aided Modeling and Precision-Based Engineering Factor into Design

Restless innovators, Wharfedale introduces several technologically savvy implements in the Jade 5. Using every available tool at its disposal, the company turned to computer-aided modeling and precision-based engineering in coming up with a perfectionist-minded design. Jade 5 cones are comprised of Acufiber, which marries the responsiveness of glass and carbon fiber within a self-damping woven matrix, nullifies coloration and breaks up standing waves. A groundbreaking linear drive motor system, aperiodic cabinet loading, and Crystalam cabinets also contribute to the speaker's incredible efficiency and resonance-free sound.



General DescriptionFloorstanding
Enclosure Type3-way Aperiodic system
Drive Units1 x 1" (25mm) Alu high frequency dome
1 x 3" (76mm) Alu-pulp composite midrange cone
2 x 6.5" (150mm) Acufibre bass cone
Frequency Response42Hz – 24kHz ±3dB
Sensitivity (2.83V @ 1M)87dB
A/V shieldedno
Crossover Frequency340Hz, 2.4kHz
Nominal Impedance
Recommended amplifier power50 - 200W
Dimensions (HxWxD)1055mm x 246mm x 400mm
Net weight27.5kg / pc

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