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Wharfedale JADE C1 Hi-fi zvočnik - center

Koda artikla: JADE C1

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Wharfedale Jade C1 Center Channel Speaker

Wharfedale's Jade C1 Center Channel's curved cabinet construction incorporates the innovative new Crystalam material. Formed from a series of critically specified natural wood elements and composites, this laminated material is formulated to reduce panel vibration and acoustic leakage. Each Crystalam layer is bonded to allow microscopic sliding of one layer upon another, producing a natural damping effect that effectively cuts off the usual panel resonance often found in speaker cabinets. The resonance is spread over a wide frequency band, thereby avoiding an acoustic "signature." The Crystalam layers also act as an acoustic barrier that stops sound from inside the cabinet walls.

Advanced Drive Unit Design

Wharfedale has engineered a new cone material called Acufiber, which marries the responsiveness of glass and carbon fiber with a self-damping woven matrix. This material acts as a neutral radiator which reduces coloration without dulling the musical quality of the sound it reproduces. Acufiber cones also feature a molded pattern which automatically breaks up standing waves to further reduce coloration and distortion. The cone is coupled to one of the most linear drive motor systems yet devised for a loudspeaker. The voice coil is immersed in a magnetic field focused to produce balanced forces for push-pull linearity. Additionally, the coil features shorting rings to reduce the usual effects of inductance, resulting in cleaner and more extended midrange response.



General DescriptionCentre channel
Enclosure Type3-way Aperiodic system
Drive Units1 x 1" (25mm) Alu high frequency dome
1 x 3" (76mm) Alu-pulp composite midrange cone
2 x 5" (125mm) Acufibre bass cone
Frequency Response75Hz – 24kHz ±3dB
Sensitivity (2.83V @ 1M)87dB
A/V shieldedyes
Crossover Frequency710Hz, 3.2kHz
Recommended amplifier power (RMS)30W - 150W
Dimensions(HxWxD)195mm x 664mm x 300mm
Net weight13.2kg / pc
Accessoriesrubber feet; optional pedestal available
Nominal Impedance

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