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Wharfedale Pro 3190 Instalacijski zvočnik, 350W RMS 2x8"bass, 2x1"

Koda artikla: 3190

Usklajen in opremljen za vašo okolico. Zvočnik primeren za stensko montažo.

Idealna rešitev za Klube,Bare.. vsepovsod kjer se potrebuje dober in razpršen zvok 

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Brez DDV: 138,52 €

Prihranek: 39.00 € (18.75%)





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Opis / prenosi

Opis / prenosi

Glavne značilnosti
Frequency Response (+/- 3dB)40Hz - 20kHz
Power (RMS)350W
Impedance4 Ohms
Max SPL122dB
Low Frequency Transducer2 x 8"
High Frequency Transducer2 x 25mm loaded titanium dome
RiggingM6x8, M8x2, u-bracket
InputsSpeaker Cable
Dimensions270mm x 445mm x 315mm
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  • 350W RMS
  • 40Hz - 20kHz frequency response
  • Versatile 2-way installation speakers
  • 2 x Tweeter ‘Baker Effect’ wide coverage technology
  • 2 x 8" Woofer
  • U shaped mounting bracket included (except 4190)
  • HF protection circuit
  • Paintable cabinet
  • M10 x 13 rigging points
  • Suitable for bars, retail areas, cinema and houses of worship

Matched and Rigged For Your Surroundings

The 90 Series Commercial Loudspeaker’s cabinet exterior can be re-painted to match your venue interior and blend in with the environment. Whilst the units are of a strong and rugged nature, the weight is not unmanageable with the top, bottom and rear areas on all models clear for bracket mounting. Apart from the 4190, all models come with U shaped mounting brackets

Speech and Music, Loud and Clear

Smooth, extended frequency response combines with wide dynamic capabilities and low distortion to provide acoustic performance that makes the unit idea for music playback. The speaker systems also deliver sufficient mid and high end clarity for vocals and speech for public announcements. By using proprietary designed units and modern manufacturing, all the aspects of sound and economics within the commercial market are met: clarity, voice intelligibility, controlled sound coverage, tested reliability and the support of a company with nearly seventy years expertise in sound reproduction are standard.

Baker Effect Technology

Traditionally the loudspeaker placement in rooms have been dominated by the needs of stereo reproduction and consequently most positions are a compromise enforced by the directionality of conventional loudspeakers. However, Wharfedale Pro’s innovative solution is to use the ‘Baker Effect’, a phenomenon first noted in the 1930s. By mounting two HF drive units perpendicular to each other, and carefully contouring the crossover network, Wharfedale has been able to reproduce a dramatic stereo effect in almost any listening position.

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