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DXR10MKII, Aktivni zvočnik Yamaha 1100W, garancija 7 let (2+5)

Koda artikla: DXR10MKII

10" aktivni PA zvočnik 1100 W, Neverjetna moč, dostopna cena
Povezava: 2+5 Years Extended Warranty / 2 + 5 let podaljšana garancija ->>

790,00 €

634,00 €

Brez DDV: 519,67 €

Prihranek: 156.00 € (19.75%)

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Opis / prenosi

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DXR15/DXR12/DXR10/DXR8/DXS15/DXS12 Owner's Manual [English / 1.7MB]

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Yamaha DXR10 Product Description

Portable, yet capable of producing an astonishing 131 dB SPL, the DXR10’s compact, functional design makes it ideal for a wide range of applications. Whether providing simple vocal/instrument amplification, very powerful floor monitoring or comprising a compact SR system—the DXR10 delivers without compromising sound quality and power.


  • High-powered portable loudspeaker with multi-use flexibility
  • 10" speaker, powered by 700W in a 2-way design
  • Built-in 3-channel mixer lets you connect microphones or line-level sources directly without an entire PA system
  • Built-in DSP for phase optimization and transparent dynamic control
  • ABS cabinet is durable with a low-resonance design for maximum sound quality


  • Width: 305 mm
  • Height: 502 mm
  • Depth: 310 mm
  • Weight: 14.6 Kg


Ultra-Precise DSP Processing for High Definition Sound

The DXR models feature Yamaha's proprietary FIR-X tuning™ utilizing linear phase FIR filters for the crossover. FIR-X tuning™ simultaneously optimizes frequency and phase response while adjusting the time alignment between the HF and LF transducers. This creates a very smooth response around the crossover point, providing much better clarity and imaging than what is possible with conventional crossovers.

High-Efficiency 1100W Class-D Amplifier

The DXR12 compact but highly efficient Class-D amplifier also delivers class-leading sound output with 1100W of power, producing an impressive SPL of up to 132dB, with consistent precision and dynamic performance. The powerful amplifier employs a switching-mode power supply that guarantees consistent performance worldwide.

Smart Mixing/ Linking Function

Each channel has an individual volume control, letting you mix three discrete audio sources. THRU out passes the input signal from INPUT1 and LINK OUT sends mixed signal from all channels- ideal for daisy-chaining or routing the signal to another destination. LINK OUT is very useful for configuring a compact SR system with another DXR, while LINK MODE allows you to easily switch between stereo or dual-mono configurations.

Smart Enclosure Design for Floor Monitoring

The DXR12 has an optimal 50° wedge angle for floor monitor use. In addition, the enclosure design enables mirror-mode monitor placement that can create either a symmetrical sound field for the performer with a larger, more defined "sweet spot" or a stereo sound field setup.

Detailed Features:

  • Intelligent Dynamic Control for Consistent Clarity at Any Output Level: D-CONTOUR is an intelligent multi-band compressor that gives you powerful and consistent sound throughout all output levels. Typically, a normal boosting mode adds a certain amount of EQ boost consistently, regardless of the output level. D-CONTOUR works differently. By constantly monitoring the output of multiple frequency bands, DXR speakers calculate and dynamically apply the optimum EQ adjustments for each, maintaining outstanding clarity and musicality even at low or maximum SPL levels. With the DXR Series, D-CONTOUR provides a more detailed tuning of your sound with two different settings: FOH/MAIN mode or MONITOR mode. FOH/MAIN mode boosts low-frequency to compensate for low-end that is typically missing when speakers are used in suspended applications or mounted on a speaker stand. MONITOR mode is completely optimized for floor monitor application by intelligently taming down the low-frequency that builds up due to floor reflection to give you stunning clarity or monitoring your sound. Both of these presets were perfected by performing countless listening tests with skilled sound engineers, giving you a multi-band compressor that performs dynamically, delivering consistent sound with minimal distortion at any output level.
  • Extensive DSP Protection Functions for Maximum Output: In a typical system comprised of passive loudspeakers, power amps, and signal processors, trying to set optimal parameters for each component can be a daunting task. One of the advantages of powered loudspeakers is that the combination of transducers and amps can be perfectly optimized. During developing the DXR Series, Yamaha measured and tested the durability of each transducer and the overall amp output through countless indoor and outdoor listening tests. This allowed Yamaha to set the optimal limiter point using precise DSP control. Further, a microprocessor and high-power DSP monitor the status of the power supply, power amplifiers, transducers and ongoing signals, to protect all aspects of each component. As a result, these speakers can perform to their full potential while ensuring reliable operation in even the most severe conditions.
  • Custom Designed Transducer for High-Definition Sound: The high power output woofers come equipped with a 2" voice coil magnet delivering minimal distortion and clear, prominent bass. The 1.4" compression drivers produce accurate midrange frequencies and highs up to 20kHz.
  • Wide Dispersion Constant Directivity Horn for Consistent Sound Dispersal: The extremely accurate constant directivity horn was designed with the goal of minimizing the radiation pattern deterioration in oblique directions that other, more conventional horns are prone to. This can help to achieve a more ideal coverage area without irregularities. With Yamaha's wide dispersion constant directivity horn, sound expands in a more rectangular pattern, evenly dispersing wide-frequency sound to the outer-most edges of the coverage area.
  • Durable, Compact ABS Enclosures: DXR Series speaker cabinets are moulded in rugged, non-resonant ABS enclosures, designed to dampen down vibrations caused by high output levels, in order to produce less distortion and add to overall sonic quality. The road-tested enclosures are equipped with heavy-duty steel grilles and ergonomic, gripped aluminum handles that greatly improve durability.
  • Intelligent On board 3-Channel Mixer: The DXR Series features a flexible on board mixer with a variety of inputs, making it ideal for simple vocal or instrument amplification. With its flexible IN/OUT connectivity, the DXR Series can comprise a full sound reinforcement system, or seamlessly integrate into a setup.
  • Smart Enclosure Design for Floor Monitoring: The DXR10 has an optimal 50° wedge angle for floor monitor use.
  • Dual-Angle Pole Mount Socket: DXR's pole mount socket offers two positions- 0° and 7°- to direct the acoustic energy away from reflective surfaces in a room with low ceilings and on to your audience where it belongs.
  • Rigging Points for Standard Eye-bolts and Optional U-Brackets: DXR Series loudspeakers come equipped with rigging points, allowing for rigged application with standard eyebolts. When more versatility is required, optional U-brackets allow simple and easy rigging in both horizontal and vertical configurations.

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