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Yamaha MA2120 mešalni ojačevalnik ,2 regulirana izhoda

Koda artikla: MA2120

  • Instalacijski ojačevalnik 120W x2, 200W

  • Izenačevalnik mikrofonije

  • 2 regulirana izhoda za vsak sistem prostorov posebej

  • 6 mic, line vhodov, 2 stereo vhoda

  • 100V ali Ohmski izhodi

999,00 €

849,00 €

Brez DDV: 695,90 €

Prihranek: 150.00 € (15.01%)


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Opis / prenosi

Opis / prenosi

Glavne značilnosti
  • Ojačevalnik primeren za Gostilne ,Restavracije, Šole, Cerkve, Pokopališča
  • 2 izhoda katera lahko neodvisno reguliramo, in celo izbiramo na katerei izhod gre kateri vhod
  • Uporabljamo lahko 100V ali Ohmski izhod 
  • Funkcije  so zelo enostavne,
  • Izničevalnik mikrofonije Leveler: prilagaja različno posneto glasbo na enako razmerje , kompressor,, Avtomatsko znižanje glasnosti glasbe ob najavi mikrofona
  • Izenačevalnik glasnosti pri različno posneti glasbi Reverb in echo efekt
  • Kontolo lahko izvajamo preko zidne kontolne enote 


Povezave / prenosi

Povezava na uradno spletno stran: LINK

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Podrobnosti (slo/eng)


  • Enostava nastavitev , and a user-friendly interface n
  • Supporting Lo-Z (120W x2ch @4Ω or 100W x2ch @3Ω/8Ω) and Hi-Z (120W x2ch or 200W x1ch, 70V/100V) speaker systems
  • Flexible 6 mic/line inputs and 2 stereo inputs, with all 6 mic inputs featuring a 24V settings
  • DSP functions for music playback and microphone use (Feedback Suppressor, Priority Ducker, Leveler, Compressor, Reverb & Echo)
  • Bass and treble stereo source EQ with an enhancer function
  • Output EQ for optimizing the sound of each Output channel
  • Built-in speaker EQ optimum for Yamaha VXC/VXS series speakers, as well as HPF and selectable LPF settings
  • Capable of controlling sources and volumes seperately in two areas (Source/volume zoning)
  • Service areas or zoning areas can be expanded by adding a PA2120
  • Remote volume control and microphone on/off switching via optional DCP control panels (DCP4V4S, DCP1V4S, DCP4S, max 2 units)
  • Intelligent protection function ensures safe, reliable operation
  • Certified by ENERGY STAR
  • Certified as Yamaha Eco Products
  • Space-saving 1U rack size (*sufficient space must be provided above and below the unit for airflow and cooling.)
  • Designed for Effortless Everyday Use

    The MA/PA Series packs Yamaha’s decades of commercial audio experience and know-how into compact, powerful, and reliable amplifiers protected by a rugged metal chassis. The MA/PA Series feature interfaces that have been specifically designed for effortless operation. A layout that gives priority to the frequently used output volume knob while other controls are visually subdued, for example, significantly enhances control efficiency in normal day-to-day operation. What’s more, there is no need for computers or complex programming procedures for installation or operation. After a quick, easy setup procedure that requires no special knowledge or skill, the system is ready to deliver outstanding sound in a wide range of applications.

    Yamaha DSP Features for Enhanced Music and Microphone Operation

    The versatile lineup of the MA/PA Series was developed to cover a diverse range of small to mid-sized installations— often needing only a single model to power the entire sound system. Features that contribute to high quality music playback and microphone use include Feedback Suppressor which effectively eliminates unwanted feedback, Priority Ducker which smoothly adjusts the background program level when a microphone is used for announcements simultaneously, and Leveler, an intelligent algorithm that keeps overall volume constant regardless of changes in source level. In addition, the newly added MA2120 model features an onboard Compressor that adjusts varying mic levels, as well as Reverb and Echo effects for multi-purpose MCing.

    Safe and Efficient in Any Environment

    At the heart of MA/PA Series is a high-efficiency Class-D amplifier that delivers sufficient power for small scale applications while consuming a minimum of power during operation. Intelligent protection functions inherited from Yamaha’s flagship touring power amplifiers are included in the power supply and amplifier sections to prevent damage to the amplifier as well as the connected speaker system in the case of overload. For absolutely quiet operation as well as superior reliability, all MA/PA Series models feature thermal designs that achieve efficient cooling without the need for cooling fans. The newly added MA2120 and PA2120 are both certified by ENERGY STAR*, the internationally recognized standard of environmentally-friendly equipment and facilities. The MA2120 and PA2120 both feature an auto standby function that greatly diminishes power consumption in applications where announcements or music playback are delivered intermittently.When audio signals are not detected for more than 25 minutes, the MA2120 and PA2120’s power automatically switches to standby mode, and then back on again shortly after detecting any signal from the systems input devices.The energy-friendly MA/PA Series amplifiers are also certified as Yamaha Eco Products**

    * ENERGY STAR is a US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) voluntary program that helps businesses and individuals save money and protect the climate through superior energy efficiency.


    **Yamaha Eco Products are part of Yamaha’s voluntary initiative dedicated to environmentally-friendly product development.

    Yamaha Eco Products

    Supports Lo-Z and Hi-Z Speaker Systems

    The MA/PA Series directly supports low impedance and high impedance speaker systems without the need for additional transformers or other hardware that can take up valuable installation space and increase costs. When used to drive a 3Ω or higher low-impedance speaker system (3Ω/4Ω selectable) the MA2030 and PA2030 amplifiers deliver up to 30W per channel into two channels. With a high-impedance 70V or 100V line connection output is a single channel at up to 60W. Likewise, when driving a low-impedance system of 4Ω, the MA2120 and PA2120 amplifiers deliver up to 120W to each of two output channels. When driven at 3Ω/8Ω mode, these amplifiers can deliver up to 100W per channel. With a high-impedance 70V or 100V line connection, a single channel can output up to 200W, which is ideal for powering mid-size installations. In addition, since the MA/PA Series can be used with all Yamaha commercial installation speakers*, you have the choice and flexibility to design a sound system that meets your specific requirements. As indicated, for example, a single unit of MA2120 or PA2120 can support full-range speaker systems at high-impedance mode, as well as a subwoofer at low-impedance mode. With MA2030 or PA2030 which has one output channel, the similar system can be composed by combining two units of amps. * Includes the VXS series, VXC series, VS series, S series, NS-AW series and NS-IC series. The S series, NS-AW series and NS-IC series are not available in some regions.

    The MA2030 and MA2120 mixing amplifiers offer flexible connectivity to adapt to a wide range of applications. MA2030 comes equipped with 2 mic inputs (XLR combo jack and Euroblock) and 3 stereo inputs (RCA pin). The XLR combo jack in the front panel makes speaking engagements fast and easy. The MA2120 features 6 mic/line inputs (Euroblock) and 2 stereo inputs (RCA pin, stereo mini phone). All 6 mic inputs feature a 24V setting for phantom power, and inputs 5 and 6 can be also used as 2 MONO SUM inputs, allowing for more input capacity.

    Flexible EQ Functions

    The MA2030 features bass and treble stereo source EQ controls. With EQ knobs of MA2030 front panel, the low and high frequency contours of the stereo input sources can be adjusted. The source EQ also includes an enhancer function* that adds harmonics as necessary for improved sound. With MA2120, an output EQ can be set for each output channel. In addition, all MA/PA Series amplifiers come equipped with speaker EQ that provides ideal equalization for Yamaha VXS/VXC speakers. MA2120 and PA2120 models also feature EQ settings for VXS subwoofers, as well as HPF and selectable LPF settings. *The MA2120 features the stereo source EQ with an enhancer function for Input 7 - 8, as well as the source EQ for Input 1 - 6. Also, an output EQ can be set for each output channel.

    Build a System that Meets Your Needs

    The MA/PA Series is capable of controlling input sources and volumes for two separate areas (source / volume zoning). For example, in an apparel store with the women’s section downstairs and the men’s section upstairs, or in a restaurant with dinner tables and a bar area, different background music and announcements can be delivered at different volumes to best complement the atmosphere of each environment.Because the MA2120 has two output channels, users can easily manage source/ volume zoning for two separate areas with a unit. (Please refer to System Example 4 and 5.) In addition to volume zoning, the rear-panel ROUTE switches enable input source selection for each area. Speaker output levels in both areas can also be matched via the DIP switch settings. For a larger space, PA2120 or PA2030 can be added to the system, expanding service areas with volume zoning. A MA2030 system combined with a PA2030 can cover two service areas with volume zoning. For example, as shown in the image, background music can be played inside a cafe at a low volume level while the same music plays at a moderate level for an outdoor terrace.

    Remote Control from Optional DCP Series Digital Control Panel

    The optional DCP control panels* allow remote volume control, microphone ON/OFF switching, and triggering the built-in chime for announcements. * DCP4V4S, DCP1V4S and DCP4S, up to two units in total, can be connected to MA2120 and PA2120. One unit of DCP1V4S can be connected to MA2030.

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